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Door Hangers

Do you have a fleet of vehicles that deliver your product daily? Are your vehicles seen by thousands of potential customers every day? Do you want to maximize advertising impact?

If you answered YES to question 3, but NO to questions 1 and 2, Street Smart Advertising's combination of EYE CATCHING vehicle ads and unparalleled Multi-Vehicle Placement strategy can help you reach YOUR CUSTOMERS where they live, work, and play!


Street Smart Advertising places your advertisements onto Our Network of vehicles that travel throughout your market area DAY AFTER DAY exposing your business to THOUSANDS of potential customers!!

Why Does It Work?

Advertising is all about impressions and our clients have learned that a Street Smart Advertising campaign lets them reach customers for less than half the cost per impression of a billboard! We achieve CPMs as low as $0.59. If that's not unbelievable, what's better is that these impressions are coupled with unmatched frequency and that means

Brands like Cingular Wireless, McDonalds, and Starbucks have recognized the power of outdoor advertising. Small and medium sized companies also deserve to have access to outdoor ads that reach their customers and won't blow the marketing budget.

Want to turn heads with your next ad campaign?

"91% of all people notice mobile ads, 75% affect their buying habits from mobile advertising."
Beverage World Magazine

Preliminary testing using the new TAB measurement system indicates that individual vehicle advertising generates between 25,000-50,000 DAILY vehicular impressions.

Average return with a Typical Door Hanger Program is Approximately 8% to 10% (Average Direct Mail return is only 2%).

"Impact ratings of Mobile Media vehicles scored higher than all other outdoor mediums COMBINED!"
Thibodeaux Research, Inc.

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